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Yefong Electric Co. Ltd (Taiwan)/Yefong Marketing Group (Philippines)
Company History

In 1966, our company was established under the name Yefong Shop (Yefong hang) at the West District of Taichung City, Taiwan, to sell PVC tubes and to manufacture PVC-related components and peripherals.

While the company’s name was changed to Yefong Electric Co. in 1969, we were mainly producing and selling electroplating equipments, filters, chemical pumps, exhaust fans, titanium baskets, and electroplating-related products.

In 1986, as business grew rapidly due to the growing need of automatic electroplating equipment and wastewater/waste-air equipments, Yefong Electric Co. Ltd. was created from Yefong Electric Co., with a whole new production site opened at Dali, Taichung.

In 1988, the company’s subsidiary in the Philippines, Yefong Industrial And Trading Co. INC, was established to expand the company’s business overseas. The company has made contribution in introducing automated factories, as well as ideas of environmental protection to markets in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

As deteriorating industrial pollution has made the world trend toward environmentally friendly industry, Yefong formed a section expressly for wastewater/waste-air treatment, and has been producing and promoting environmental equipments.

In 1997, Yefong adopted technologies of heavy metal recovery from wastewater, which can effectively remove toxic metal contaminants.

To enhance efficiency and quality of our service, Yefong moved its headquarter to Dali, Taichung, so that the business and manufacturing sections are now operating at one place.

In 2003, the company’s subsidiary in the Philippines changed its name to Yefong Marketing Group. In addition to products by Yefong, we also sell an assortment of merchandise from Taiwan as ordered by our clients. Our goal for the near future is to serve as a most reliable agent that sells products on behalf of manufacturers home and abroad.