100% Pure High Grade Batangas Kapeng BARAKO
■ BARAKO咖啡豆高品質保證。
■ 原產地: Lipa City, Batangas Philippine。
■ 無人工防腐劑、添加物及香料。
■ 原味、濃烈及獨特香氣口味。
■ 咖啡豆將於收到訂單後烘培。
■ 以保鮮塑膠袋及麻布袋完整包裝。
■ 原豆咖啡以500公克包裝。
Guaranteed high quality coffee beans known as BARAKO.
Originally planted in the birthplace of Philippine Coffee in Lipa City, Batangas.
No artificial preservatives, additives and flavorings.
Taste is bold, robust, and has a unique aroma.
Beans are roasted only upon placement of order.
Tightly sealed in polyethy plastic pack and comes in jute sack packaging.
Presentation in 500 grams packing. Whole bean coffee.
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